About Us

Theatre Fideri Fidera is one of the UK's top children’s touring theatre companies and we are dedicated to producing exciting, original theatre for young audiences. Our first production Pitschi, the Kitten with Dreams has been performed at over sixty theatres in the UK and Ireland, and our latest play Oskar’s Amazing Adventure has just completed its first national tour and will be touring throughout 2019.

For us theatre for young people needs to be accessible, engaging, entertaining and offer a shared experience for both children and their families.

Natasha Granger, Marina Kobler, Colin Granger
Directors, Theatre Fideri Fidera

“It was absolutely wonderful, a beautiful, moving, creative and engaging story for under 7s. The props, illustrations, music and singing, use of water, bells and accents make the whole experience sensory which is crucial for young audiences. This is exactly what first theatre experiences should be like. Magical.”
Susy Payne, The Arc about Pitchi, the Kitten with Dreams

“Combining brilliant storytelling, beautiful handmade stuffed animals and plenty of songs and actions for us all to join in with, this is a charming and thoughtful piece of theatre for younger children. Furry friends, foxes and fun for all the family, this delightful show is a real treat for everyone…”
Edinburghfestivalforkids about Oskar’s Amazing Adventure